Pest Control

I am grateful to live in an apartment that is well maintained. Every 3 months a pest control company comes and spray to keep the bugs away. I can tell when it is time for them to come because either myself or a neighbor will have a dead bug. (Thankfully it was dead, don’t want those pests around.) Today as I was sweeping and mopping getting ready for them to come tomorrow I thought about the spiritual pests that like to invade our homes. How many of us can say we keep our homes spiritually guarded from pests? Prayer, praise and worship music, and reading scripture aloud in my home is a daily routine. Yet there are days when I am prompted by my spirit to pray for God’s protection and cleansing of my home. I ask Him to place a hedge of protection around my home and cover it in the blood of Jesus and occasionally anoint my doors with anointing oil. There have been times when I felt I was being told to sweep my floor and toss the dirt outside and tell the spirits, ‘If you don’t belong to God, you are not welcome here!’ I know this made me look strange to some of my neighbors, but that is okay. My home is a blessing from God and I need to take care of it in the physical and spiritual sense. Just like I put on my spiritual armor every day I need to armor up my home. I am not going to build a mote or put an electric fence around its perimeter but I can ask God to bless and protect my home and fill it with His Holy Spirit. Jesus is not only welcome in my home, He lives here with me. Shouldn’t I do my best to make Him welcome both day and night? What better way to keep the pests out than to have Jesus live within.

Have a blessed day!

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