How I see and view things will not be the same as others. This does not mean that I am wrong or that they are right. As the sun is rising in the east for me, in another part of the world it is setting in the west. If I was on the phone with a person on the other side of the world and I said ‘What a beautiful sunset’ and they responded, ‘No it is a beautiful sunrise’. Would either of us be wrong? No. We are both looking at the same sun but from different places. Now if I would call the sun the moon, I would be wrong. The sun is the sun and the moon is the moon.  Even as the view of the moon changes from a new moon to a full moon it is still the moon. If you stood one beach on the coast on the eastern side of the United States and another person stood on a beach in England, you would both be on the shore of the same Atlantic Ocean, but on opposite sides.

So why it is that Christians argue with each other over doctrines and theology?

They serve the same God, and Jesus is their Lord and Savior. Yet because they belong to different churches or belong to a different denomination they say the other is wrong. Even within your church you will find disagreements on how things should be done. Is this God’s fault? Absolutely not! What is happening in either of these situations is one person or group trying to say that their way is the only right way. Not realizing that they are all part of the same body which is Christ. One may be the foot and the other a hand, but you do not walk on your hands or pick up things with your feet. Different body parts have different functions. Yet without all the body parts, the body is incomplete. I listen with my ears and see with my eyes. I may hear something that I cannot see but because I do not see it does not mean what is causing the noise is not there. It just means that it is not visible to my eyes.

Abstract art is open to interpretation. Two people looking at the same piece will see the painting differently. It is their perspective. I love looking at the clouds and seeing the different shapes they form the reason I created my other blog site Headintheclouds746.  What I see will not be what another will see, yet we can share the same sky and see how God shows us beauty in the sky, the sea, the land, in animals, and in people, throughout all of His creation. No matter what my perspective is, He is the same today, tomorrow, and forever.


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