A Work In Progress 7 16 16

We are all works in progress.

work in progress 1

Here is a fallen branch from a tree. It has been cut and stripped of its bark.

work in progress 2

It has been sanded and the painting has begun.

work in progress 3

First coat of paint has been completed.

work in progress 4

Now the detail work has begun. It will take some time to complete. It will be different from staffs that have been made before like this one.

Each branch has been turned into a staff with some effort and creativity. Yet each is still unique and each one has taken a different amount of time to complete. I am not sure how long the current one will take or even exactly how it will look but when it is finished I will be sure to share a picture of it when it is done.

Think about this for a moment. Jesus is the vine and we are His branch. We are all unique and grow at different paces. We each have a purpose. We are all His creation. We submit ourselves to Him as willing clay and He shapes and forms is into vessels to be used to bring Him glory.


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