Getting Off Track / It Is Easier than You Think

Train track in Bridgeport TX / Photography by Julie Sheppard

Last year I had started writing a series of short stories that I wrote as fictional letters titled Letters from God. My inspiration was people and their stories in the Bible. I was so pleased to finish the first volume of 30 letters I had begun the second volume and had even posted readers to request a letter that they would like to see written to a specific person in the Bible. Which I did get a couple of requests. I however got off track and never finished the second volume. I won’t bother you with all of the excuses I could list but rather focus on how easy it is to let something get away from you if you do not make effort every day to work on anything you have started. It could be a writing project like I had started, or some other type of work related task, or it can be a relationship. Relationships can get derailed if the tracks and the train are not maintained. It takes work. Caring for anything is not easy but it is worth it. Our relationship with Jesus can get off track without us even realizing it, till one day you are wandering out in the dessert and wonder how you got there.Now you are lost and don’t know which way to go. The good news is once you realize this He is right there to take your hand and lead you back (even if He has to carry you on His shoulders) to the right path. You may get side track by something that gets your attention away from Him, but He is merciful and forgiving so there is nothing keeping you from getting back on board but you. Don’t beat yourself up if you have gotten off track just be thankful He will never leave you or forsake you, and get back on track.

God bless

I love God’s way of reminding me of how great His love is.


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