Hostile Territory

When you think of missionaries, you probably thinking of them going off to some foreign country like India, China, and  Africa just to name a few. Yet there is a mission field that some do not realize is a mission field.

Most of the mission field is hostile towards Christians. You have heard of the stories of missionaries who have laid down their lives to share the love of Jesus. This is not the territory I will be talking about today. So if I am not discussing some foreign land where Christianity is not only rejected but can be illegal then what can I possibly be talking about? The world wide web.It is hostile! So much hate is spread through it.

Even when I read posts on Facebook by other Christians my heartbreaks by some of the hateful words I read. The lack of love is heartbreaking. I see slanderous words written, some in the form of a joke and I am guilty of laughing at some of these. Which I quickly feel convicted for doing so. We use words to hurt each other especially those different than ourselves.

The Bible mentions salt and fresh water cannot come from the same spring, and that life and death are held in the tongue. We can judgmental and even hateful of others. We pick and choose which sins we will tolerate and condemn others because they sin differently than ourselves. We forget that Jesus died for all sinners. Romans says that all have sinned. Jesus loves each and everyone of us. He paid the price to redeem all of us yet we want to be selfish and only share Him with those we like. Jesus loves those who hated Him, who rejected Him, who beat Him, mocked Him and finally crucified Him. Then there is God who sent His Son knowing that He would go through all of this, yet loved us so much He sent Jesus to show us how much He loves us. So are we above God? Are we a better judge than He is? I have to beg forgiveness from Him for every time I have place myself as judge an executioner.

I have spread my own share of hate, through judgmental and condemning  words and thoughts towards others. I justified some of it because the person had been cruel and abusive to me. They stole from me, or violated my body. Falsely accused me, spread terrible rumors about me. I can list many other wrong doings but none of it compares to what Jesus suffered for my sake.

So now it is my choice of what to say or write about. Will I spread judgment and hate condemning others as if I were God, or will I share His love and mercy that He has given to me? I pray to chose the latter. I am not perfected this love but I am striving to grow in this love and share its’ fruits. Speaking love, life, and forgiveness. Desiring to encourage and edify others who are hurting and lost like myself.

I must remember that there are those who I may never meet but see what I write and post on the Internet and that I have accountability.


4 thoughts on “Hostile Territory

  1. I thought what you said, was very well said, I agree, there is so many people that believe they are special, that they have been given, special powers, to be better than God, judge us, when 9 times out of 10 their stuff is sinful, not ours. God bless you my friend, thank you for your powerful words, and thank you for your comments on my posts and following me.

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