10.Letters from God (fictional letters based on people in the Bible)Dear Joseph (Regarding your brothers)

The life of Joseph written in the Bible helped me with one of the worse periods of my life. Knowing the God of Joseph is my God and His love for me will never fail.


Dear Joseph,

(Regarding your brothers)

     Relationships between brothers are often difficult and filled with strife. There is jealousy and quarreling. The older ones often bully the younger. The younger child is often favored by one parent or the other. Your relationship you have with your brothers is no exception. Your father so loved your mother Rachel, and your brothers were born to Leah who he had been tricked into marrying by their father. This would divide any family. Then your mother died giving birth to your younger brother Benjamin. After her death your father treated you differently than your brothers who were Leah’s children. You and Benjamin were all he had left of your mother. He elevated you above your brothers, and this caused them to resent you.

     Then the dreams came to you. They despised you more as you shared them with your family. They ridiculed you…

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