J. A. P.

If you are Japanese or of any Asian race I am sorry if the title offends you because that is not my intent. You see I am half Japanese. My Gigi and Baba came from Okinawa. My mother and I were born in Oahu. I grew up as a child being teased and being called ‘jap, nip, and slant eyed’ to name a few names. Do you remember the song, ‘I’m turning Japanesa’?  Well I do since it was sung to me as a taunt quite often. I even was called names that I will not write here because of their vulgarity.  Now the prejudice acts I have dealt with in my life are very minor. Prejudice and hatred has been around throughout history. There is not a group that has not been hated because of their race or their religion. At one time or another people from all over the world has been a slave at one time or another in history. People have suffered horrible acts because of their race. The holocaust always comes to my mind when people pull out their race card saying that they are being wronged, because I think about the terrible acts committed against the Jews and I do not hear that they are rioting are filing law suits against anyone because they have been wronged. There is a movement going on right now that has inspired me to speak up. My heart is broken over all of this hate. A person commits a crime and the people are outraged against the police? Stop hating! You only hate to stir up strife and create conflict. You do not know peace and you do not know love. Do you even know why you are angry about? You may justify your words and actions but if you are spreading hate, anger, and violence, how can this be right?

Okay now is time to bring out the big gun. At some point in a person’s life they have been treated wrong and hurt. Rights have been violated, false accusations have been made, and some have even been beaten and abused. Shall I continue to list the cruel injustice that people of all different backgrounds have faced? I have been abused, molested, and raped. I have also been falsely accused and railroaded through our criminal court system. I have been angry and bitter over the things done to me, but you know what changed me? The love Jesus showed me. When I was going through the court system and fighting for my innocence God began showing me all that His Son Jesus went through for me. Then I compared the wrongs done to me and realized it was nothing in comparison to what Jesus lived through and how He did so without a fight but with love and forgiveness. He did not ask God to curse those who mocked Him and spit on Him. He did not strike down those who beat Him, and finally He did not condemn those who crucified Him, instead He asked His Father to forgive us. His love and mercy is so great who took all the weight of the consequences of sin for every person who would ever be born and carried to the cross in His body, and He did this for even those who hated Him. Jesus is the opposite of hate, because He Is Love!

1John 2:9 Anyone who claims to be in the light but hates his brother is still in darkness.

His love drives out the darkness but He will not make you walk in His light. You have to choose to walk in love. He will not force you to do anything. You cannot blame Him for your actions and you cannot blame anyone else for your behavior. You choose to do right or wrong, but be careful not to call good evil, and evil good.

Okay now about the title of this. Once again I mean no offense to anyone who is Japanese or any other Asian. I am a J.A.P.  I have taken a slang term that was meant to cause offense and this is what it means to me now. I am Jesus’ Asian Princess because through His blood and His sacrifice, I am adopted into His kingdom. So if someone calls me a Jap now I take pride because I belong to Him. I hope I have not made too many of you mad because I have said this, but it is just an example of what the world makes bad God turns around and makes something better.

6 thoughts on “J. A. P.

  1. Wow this is a very very powerful post. I didn’t even know you were Asian. Nor did I know the extent of evil you have endured.
    For the record, I normally don’t talk about my ethnicity online but I am also Asian.

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  2. Wow. Great post I do like how you took the JAP slang and turned it into a positive Jesus Asian Princess. My only experience with the term is from movies. So the next time I hear it it will mean Jesus Asian Princess. Great in-depth post. Thanks for sharing.

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