They do exist….(part of Spiritual Warfare series)

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A fellow blogger from  A Spiritual Warfare Devotional Blog, encouraged me to write yet another experience I had with, well, demons. Some of you may not believe, but I will say yet again, they are real, very real. So here it goes…

I was baptized in August of 2015, August 16th, to be exact. Best Sunday of my life! After I was baptized I had  a few experiences, even before then, but it was after I was baptized that I sensed more of the spiritual realm, or it became more real for me. One evening, it was about 5pm on a Thursday  or Friday, I was cleaning, doing my chores for the weekend so I didn’t have to be running around doing it all weekend long. I had been playing my music from Pandora, I had on some spanish worship music and singing along while cleaning. I was…

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2 thoughts on “They do exist….(part of Spiritual Warfare series)

  1. They are real. Their presence in my life come simply at the level of my emotions. I’ll be feeling unexplained sadness, or despair, or anger, and sometimes it’s me, but other times – when I pray against it by name in the power of Christ, it goes away. I got rid of just such a “combo attack” this evening.

    Most of us just assume these swings are just us, our hormones or fallen nature or whatever, and sometimes they are. But next time such an emotion invades your mind that has no Scriptural business being there, try commanding it to leave in Jesus’ name and re-consecrating your heart and mind to him. I’ll bet you’ll see some results.

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