Don’t take what does not belong to you.

walking on the narrow path.

We all know the story of Annanias and Sapphria. How they sold a piece of property that they owned but kept a portion of it back for themselves. But,Peter caught them in the act of lying and he asked them why they held some back. God gave Annanias the chance to come to clean by admitting to it. After he did not admit his guilt God struck him dead. Later that same day Peter went to Sapphria to see if she would come clean. Anyways she refused to and she took part in her husbands lie so she was struck dead. I am so glad that God doesn’t deal with his people like that I this day and time. Because if he did we would be more careful on the lies that we told. He also knows our hearts so he knows what we will do. I also when when…

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