Child of clay

I am reading a wonderful novel by Randy Alcorn titled Edge of Eternity. I am truly enjoying reading this book. The author definitely has a way of painting a picture in your mind with his words. One thing he wrote that caught my attention was when his main character was addressed as child of clay. The characters response was to say his dad’s name was Will. Yet the other character went on to say, ‘You were born of dust mixed with the water of life. Like all of us you are clay in the Potter’s hands.’

After reading this my thoughts went to God and how wonderful He is. He is our Creator, our Heavenly Father, and He is the Potter. Without Him we are nothing. He creates each of us individually and gives us life and purpose. If we submit ourselves to Him he molds us into the vessels He can use to carry His love to others who are broken and hurting, who are lost and need Him. How wonderful it is to know that He desires to be with us, and to teach us as we grow in Him. To know He wants to be in our lives and that He loves us.

He is the Potter and I am His clay.

I hope if you get the opportunity you will check out this book and enjoy the author tell a very intresting story which I think you will enjoy as much as I have.

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