How Do You Recharge Yourself?

Michael J. Fite


“Take time to recharge. You do it for your phone. Why not do it for yourself?” -Dana Richliew

Keep this in mind whenever you think of the importance of a good recharge in your life.

There are many things that you can do when you are fully charged. At times, a fully charged you can even amaze yourself by doing new things that you have never done before. But just like a battery, computer, or even cell phone, you too will run down on power and need to be recharged.

Today’s inspiration is all about finding ways to become recharged because if you do not recharge yourself, you start to drag, feel sluggish, and never get anything accomplished. We will take a look at the following:

  • What does it mean for you to recharge?
  • What makes it hard for you to recharge?
  • What all does it take for you to…

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