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Handfuls of Seed

In yesterdays post I wrote a short biography. For over a week my son has been suggesting that I write one. Turns out, it was a good suggestion. I mentioned that I was raised in a dictatorial ministry. I also mentioned that the experience(s) shaped me as a person. There is another side, lest someone think that the experience only made me legalistic, let me elaborate. I can best explain, with a list.

Surviving a Dictatorial Ministry (Leaders) Causes:

  1. A broken heart
  2. Anger
  3. Bitternes
  4. Skepticism
  5. Cynicism

Broken Heart-I was hurt.

God is love, what happened?

Anger-How could God allow this to happen?

I had to learn who God is. My perception, I thought that He was always angry at me and took pleasure in punishing me.

Bitternes-All churches/pastors are the same.

It is hard not to think this way.

Skepticism-I (everyone) was always told what to do, and never allowed…

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3 thoughts on “Who Writes This Blog?

      1. It really hit me actually. As an adult I have only ever attended one church, and it’s about as good as it gets really. So, I sometimes don’t have a good frame of reference to understand folks who might be struggling in this area.

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