Wonderful testimony and lesson. Thank you Pam for sharing this, I hope others will learn from it.


Children should honor their parents and I believe all children want to do so. However, when parents behave in ways that are dishonorable and harmful to the child, those children are provoked, filled with anger, and rebel. Abuse causes children to act out in wrath, with destructive behavior of their own. I was such a child and by the end of my childhood, I was angry most of the time. Most of my rage was turned inward and my most destructive acts were committed against myself but I at times, targeted others too. I was mad at the world and so far in denial about the abuse I’d survived as a child that I didn’t even understand why. My anger seemed to come out of nowhere and I thought there had to be something wrong with my brain.  I felt a lot of guilt over not being able to control…

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