Please Help!

I normally would not ask for help from strangers. I actually have a hard enough time asking for help for myself. Yet in this instance the help I am asking for is not for myself. It is for a couple I have known for almost four years now. I met them shortly after my mother passed away and I had just finished a terrible court battle where I had been falsely charged and the final outcome had been against me. Devastated and my life turned upside down I went to Full Armor Biker Church in Alvord Texas. Where I met Doc and Cheryl Dennis, the pastors of the church. You might of read my post where I had interviewed Cheryl.




This couple was and still is an inspiration to me. I can still remember her words to me during a conversation we had. She was needing help in the children’s ministry and the church needed volunteers. I was at that time a member of another wonderful church but felt like I was becoming a pew warmer and wanted to do more than just attend services. Yet because of my legal situation was not called upon to serve. So when I approached Cheryl I told her of my situation and how the charges had been false but I had not been cleared. So I understood if they could not use me but I was  willing if they wanted me to serve I would. Her response even four years later is still treasured in my memory, “Even if you had been guilty we still want you because you are forgiven.”  She has so much love that her beauty is more than her outward appearance it truly comes from her heart. Then there is her husband ‘Doc’ Kenneth Dennis.

He is so full of Christ that the love of Jesus pours out of him like a river. He has a contagious joy for the Lord. He is humble yet the boldness of a lion comes out of Him when he shares the Word of God. Yet this is not the only things about these two amazing people who love Jesus. It is how I have witnessed them face loss and adversity. This witness of theirs helped me hold on to my relationship with Christ when I had lost all that was special to me. They have face many attacks and had many heartbreaks, but their walk with the Lord has not wavered.Nor have they held back loving anyone. The church moved from Alvord to Decatur, Texas, and they have continued to face one battle after the next while staying true to Christ Jesus. If you were to meet them in person you would never know the burdens they carry nor the trials they face, all that you would see is love. So this is why I am writing for help today. This couple is facing a major battle. I have copied this of another’s Facebook post.

Cheryl Dennis and husband Kenneth Dennis (Doc) were both informed in August that the company who employed them both was closing their branch, leaving them unemployed on September 12, 2016. Later in August Cheryl was diagnosed with stage 3b-4 Cancer. Doc, Cheryl, and their 7 year old son Logan need your prayers and support during this time of need. Please follow the link below to learn about their specific story, they need all the help they can get to fight this horrible disease.

Another couple has started this fund-raiser and here is the link

If the you can please help them, and pray for them. I am asking because they are vessel’s of His Light in a dark world and I want to see His Light continue to to shine. Doc and Cheryl are true servants of Jesus Christ, husband and wife, mother and father, and are real friends. They are loving and giving without compromising their faith in Jesus. They love freely and do no harm. God bless them and get them through this storm.

15 thoughts on “Please Help!

  1. I will certainly be praying for them. I know their circumstances are dark, and I know it hurts to watch and not be able to just take all these problems away. God will not let them out of His sight. You my like this post I wrote when a friend of mine was half way around the world and attempted suicide, but I was unable to help. Keep us updated ok? And don’t think God has just up and left, even though what we see may make us think that.

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