I am very excited to host a guest for today’s post! Lene fromSong of Virginity, who also lives in Tokyo,is sharing her thoughts on Christianity and Japan. Annndd, after you read this, you should definitely head over to her blog and read her other posts! Because she’s kinda awesome! God bless!!

According to Wikipedia, there are less than 2% Japanese Christians in Japan.

Why is it so difficult for Japanese people to believe in Jesus?

It’s a tough question and there may be more answers than I can think of.

The first encounter with Christianity the Japanese had were the Portuguese Catholic missionaries who arrived in Japan in 1549.

They baptized many, gave the converts “Christian names” and encouraged them to adopt western culture… the latter might have hit an emperor between his eyes as Christians faced fierce persecution in Japan from 1587 to 1632 (wikipedia).

The second…

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