When I Was A Child

1 Corinthians 13:11 (NKJV)


11 When I was a child,


I spoke as a child,


I understood as a child,


I thought as a child;


but when I became a man,

Mom Acton Ca

I put away childish things.


Growing up does not mean growing apart. We mature as we learn and grow. We can grow to produce good fruits that give life, or we can grow weeds that choke out life. As we grow in love we grow closer to God and to each other. For His love lifts us above the concerns of this world. Does it mean I have no work to do? No! I must tend to my plants if I want to see them grow. They need to be watered and to get the right amount of light. Just like I need to nourish my body as well as my spirit. The love of Jesus is my sustenance. His love grows inside of  me. He teaches me, and leads me on the right path. He causes me to grow even when it hurts and I must leave things behind that I once cherished. I am no longer a child. At the same time I have not yet reached the goal. I still have a lot more to learn. Yet I am willing and seeking His guidance daily. Submitting myself to do His will. Each day I grow, and each day I mature.

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