Home Again!

I have been house sitting for the last two weeks. It was a nice experience. I had not taken care of chickens or cows before. So it was definitely a new experience. You may have seen the pictures I have posted on headintheclouds746.wordpress.com. I was able to unplug myself from the chain of electronic devices including my phone. I truly enjoyed my time and the number of photos I was able to take. By the way the cows were better models and listened when I said stop let me take your picture! Funny but true. The chickens on the other hand made me work for the shot.

But the change of scenery was good for me.

I fed the chickens and gathered eggs.

I also had two other companions. The dog and the cat.

So here I am back home. Getting back into my own routine.  Sleeping in my own bed. Not having to get up and let the chickens out of their coup. I will say that I miss Stormy their dog. She is a great companion and a very obedient dog. Yet here I am sitting at my computer glad to be home. Even though I realize this too is a temporary home, for one day Jesus will return to take me to a place He is preparing for me.

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