Everything You Read on the Internet is True….

See, there's this thing called biology...

Everything you read on the internet is absolutely true. For example, here is one of my favorite news stories. It is a man from 1922 out hunting giant grasshoppers. Grasshopper man.


Grasshopper hunting is a popular sport on the internet. Many people have engaged in it, as you can see here, the fruits of another particularly good hunting trip.


These are not my pictures nor are they my “news” stories, they are simply legendary internet examples of why is never a good idea to think for yourself. In fact, it is best to never question anything. Please, just turn on the TV or point and click, close your eyes, and allow your brain to absorb whatever it wants.

The grasshoppers, we often deep fry the legs in a beer batter, golden brown and crispy on the outside,tender and juicy on the inside. Grasshopper breasts are best cooked in a crock pot…

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