Miss them for a day they will come home

If you are a parent and your children have begun school, you know the anxiety of that first day you send them off to school. They are no longer under only your care. You have sent them off into the world and you will not be there to hold their hand. Now think about the first weekend they went to spend at a friends house, and then to summer camp. You want them to have fun and enjoy themselves but you worry about them getting hurt and not being there. Now think about God. He is our Heavenly Father. Jesus our Savior is His Son. Think about the day He sent Jesus to born to Mary. Jesus wasn’t going to be gone for a day, or a week, or even a month. Luke 3;23 states Jesus was 30 years old when He began His ministry. They spent over 30 years physically separated. Yes they both knew the other was there and Jesus prayed to His Father, but you know the difference in a conversation over the phone and one that is face to face. They must have missed each other in ways we could not imagine.


They sacrificed their time together not so that Jesus could go off and have an enjoyable trip. He was not on vacation. He didn’t come here to ski or surf. He didn’t plan a shopping trip or stay in some five star hotel. He didn’t eat at restaurants that you needed a reservation only to be waited on by some snobby waiter.

No He left His Father’s house to come to be with people who would hate and reject Him. Who mocked and ridiculed Him. Who plotted to take His life. Who beat and spit on Him. Who falsely accused him. Who abandoned Him. Who crucified Him.

Being a parent would you knowingly send your child on a trip where you knew without a doubt they would be hurt? You would say ‘No!’ If you had a choice of laying down your life to save your child’s you would do it in a split second. Yet if it was a person who hated you and made your life miserable and even tried to take your life, would you sacrifice your own life, or the life of your child? Once again the answer is ‘No! Yet that is what God, our Heavenly Father, and Jesus have done for us. God did not say no to Jesus leaving Heaven, and Jesus did not beg to stay in the comfort of His own Home. A home free from sin and hate. He left home not for a day, a week, or a month. He was away from His home for years, and they were not comfortable or easy ones. He said He didn’t even have a place to lay His head in Luke 9:58. Look at all the beds that are sold today. We have all the man made comforts because we don’t like to be uncomfortable. Headache? Take a pill. Muscles hurt, rub some icy-hot on it. Want something to eat and in a hurry pop something in the microwave or go to a face food restaurant. Jesus did not wait for the luxuries we now have. He came when the earth was your bed and there was no running water. No X-box or Nintendo to entertain the kids. How Jesus loves the children. He even rebuked a disciple for trying to send the children away. He told them let the children come to Him. Luke 18:15-17.

How much love they must have for each of us to know the life He would have on earth and all the pain and suffering that He would endure because of us. Yet this knowledge did not stop Him from coming the first time. people get ready He hasn’t given up on us and He is coming back to take us home. Now that will be a homecoming of a lifetime!

A little note for those who have children who have gone on to be with the Father and have left you here. I have not forgotten about you. This for you is written with reverse roles and my prayers are for you.

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