The Wall

Jerusalem had a wall around it. Walls are nothing new. Jericho had a wall around it. Two walls that you will find in the Bible. In the book of Joshua you will read about the wall around Jericho. Yes the wall came down. In the book of Nehemiah you can read how heart broken he was over the condition of the wall of Jerusalem. He was not only given permission to go and repair the wall by the king but the king gave him the materials he would need to make the repairs. He fought opposition. The workers rebuilding the wall had to work in pairs so that one could work while the other rested, and they worked with a tool in one hand and a sword in the other. A talk of a wall to be built on the border between United States and Mexico is nothing new. It has been debated and argued over for just as long as the idea has been around. The time is coming though that it might actually be built. I am not writing this as an argument for or against this wall. I am writing because as I read a post on this wall and funny thing is as I read this article I wasn’t thinking about Trump or the Mexican president I thought of Jerusalem and I thought of Nehemiah. I thought of what shape Jerusalem had fallen into,that it’s walls were in ruins and needed repair, and I thought about all of the obstacles and opposition Nehemiah faced while seeking to do the will of God. This made me think about the obstacles we face today which in all honesty are nothing new.Hate, strife, violence and prejudice. We don’t fight the good fight when we are yelling and screaming insults or even whispering them. We look for ways to keep others from succeeding with their plans instead of working on solutions to fix the things we have destroyed. We care more about popular opinion than truth. We talk about the need for love while spewing hateful words from our mouths. When a wrong is done we compound it by committing another wrong. For instance rioting and destroying property while stealing is supposed to be the right reaction when an unarmed man is shot by the police? How about instead of committing crime in protest, why not help the family and support them as they deal with their loss. Professional athletes protesting our National Anthem teaching our youth that it is okay to disrespect this country, when they could be helping out the communities that are suffering? This list can go on and on but the revelation I got today is if you really want to come together for a purpose and stand for something,stand for love. Build each other up and stop tearing each other down.

Okay my venting is done for now.

God bless you because I already know He loves you even if you don’t love Him

God may we as a nation come together in the love of Jesus Christ. Though He is Your Son did not demand the rights He had as Your Son, but laid down His life for His enemies as well as those who had received Him. He didn’t die for just one person, race, or religion. He gave His life to pay the price so that we may all receive Your mercy and forgiveness. Showing us that you are a God of love. Father grow this love in me so that I may live my life to give Your love to all who I will ever know in this world,even if it is just a stranger I pass on the street. I want Your love to be known. In Jesus name. Amen.

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