Informative post.

See, there's this thing called biology...

From Nightwind we have a post I really appreciate called  “CDC: DRUGS KILL MORE AMERICANS THAN GUNS”

That’s a dreadful subject for this time of year, but I found it most encouraging, hope perhaps, reassurance that maybe people will begin to pay attention, to start to listen. This country has a drug problem. Meth and heroin are huge issues, but so too are prescription drugs, opiates especially.

I’m a wounded soldier, a bit of collateral damage from the on going cultural battle that washed into rural communities like a tsunami some years ago and just got progressively worse. A wounded soldier because I haven’t got any power, so I’ve spent a good decade getting frustrated, grieving so much destruction and loss, trying desperately to make people listen.

I’ve said a few times that meth and heroin are downright satanic, in the sense that they come to steal, kill, and…

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