6 Spouse-Related Reasons You Need Jesus More Than a Spouse

Brandon J. Adams

ringI’ve never been married. But I have been very interested in marriage.

The divorce of my parents when I was seventeen led me to the most fervent prayer I’ve made – “don’t let me end up there.” It’s the kind of prayer God is eager to answer. His first lesson? Much of the answer takes place before any vows do.

I’ve spent my single years keeping my eyes and ears open for “what it takes” for a thriving marriage. I’ve watched older couples, gleaned from them, read every book anyone gave me. Recently, I’ve been privileged to learn from couples my age as well.

I’m one of you – a single. God has helped me scout out where we’re going. And it’s led me to one solution, blinding in its simplicity.


I know. You’ve heard for years that you need God more than a spouse. But God just seems so boring compared to romance and white…

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