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Pornography takes human sexuality out of its natural context—intimacy between two human beings—and makes it a product to be bought and sold.

A few years back I was talking to an old friend on the phone. At one point during the conversation I was discussing the importance of avoiding pornography. He chimed in and said, “What’s wrong with porn, man? I love porn.” Well, he’s not alone. So do millions of other people. That’s why it’s a multi-billion dollar industry. But what is it about pornography that we should pay serious attention to? And be cautious of?

First, porn objectifies women. Or all people for that matter. The options for porn material are limitless. There’s homosexual porn, child porn, and of course adult female porn. We objectify people when we use them for our own self-centered purposes. That’s what porn does. It uses people. It treats them…

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3 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With Pornography?

  1. The objectification is the key absolutely. There are victims of this outlet and we must keep reminding porn fans of this as some believe they aren’t hurting anyone. Well porn fan, you hurt both the porn “star” who can’t escape the lucrative business and the young girls you undress with your eyes. Both are are worth more.

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  2. Porn is a fantasy about satisfying the flesh and using each other as objects instead of developing loving, respectful relationships with each other. That is not what Jehovah intended.

    As well, how many of them (men as well as women) are sex slaves which is wrong.

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