Guest Post / Andi Garcia – Deliverer

Church service today well it was good. Actually, great as always. Something happened while I was praying during altar call. I don’t know how to explain it.

My friend and her husband are the worship leaders for the Spanish service. Today I went to that service not the English. Anyway, she’s singing Victor’s Crown..which is one of my faves. Anyway, the part where they say..everything high thing must come down, every stronghold can be broken…if you’re  familiar with the song..when she began to sing that part..I’m praying, eyes closed and suddenly I’m in a dark place but can still hear the music. I start to envision my older son chained to a large block and he’s trying to break free, I see myself step on the chains and then I feel something bigger than myself step on the chains too, my son is struggling, he breaks the chains and he pushes through these huge doors and he starts running for his life to catch up to us (me, my daughter and younger son) I then see myself turn around and push that door closed..heavy doors..I see a huge man in a white robe battling with the chains. This vision happens in mere emotional.for me, I didn’t realize I was crying. That’s never happened to me before. It was amazing, so much so I don’t know what to think.
I share this with my Lil big bro Carlos and I say, why? Why was I shown this? I sometimes still feel I’m not worthy of visions, messages, etc. Carlos says, “Andi when God wants to show you something He will do just that”. He knows I’ve been praying for my older son and said, “Maybe this was to show you that He will break your son free from bondage.”
Lately,  I’ve been sent messages through dreams so this one was shown to me when I was wide awake. I don’t doubt it, it just shook me.
I’ll say this again…you may believe me and some may not. I don’t have reason to lie or make this up. He hears us, speaks to us, shows us, and delivers us. Amen? AMEN!

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