Guest Post / Andi Garcia – The Struggle Is Real

The Struggle is Real

So, if you haven’t noticed, I haven’t written much lately. I’ve been battling some things, demons, evil spirits, spirits of addiction, etc and so on. And yesterday I came to a head and just broke down and cried out and said to God, “I’m tired Lord, just tired, why does it have to always be me? Why do I have to be the strong one? It’s not fair, why, why, why?!?” Yup just have a regular tantrum with the Lord. After I was finishing being a crybaby, I thought to myself, He is probably saying right now, “if you only knew and understood why you wouldn’t be asking.” Either I thought that or He was telling me that. So this morning I always listen to sermon while getting ready for work. Today it was the 2nd part of a Dr. Jeffers sermon. As I pushed play I heard, ” you ask Him why? Why am I going through this? Why me? And the answer is because He’s God and because He can.” I laughed out loud because I knew that was Him sending me that message after my tantrum. Dr. Jeffers went on to say, “we think that God is being mean to us because we struggle or go through trials, but He’s preparing you, and He don’t want us to be a rare steak, or medium rare, He wants us to be well done! He will keep you in the fire until you are done and He’s ready to take you out of the fire!” And again I laughed because He got me again.

See my struggles are with my older son. I’ve been praying and rebuking these evil demon spirits of addiction who have gotten a hold of him. And sometimes I get tired but I know all I have to do is call on the Lord and use the divine powers He has given us to demolish these strongholds.

I’m asking all of you followers to please pray with me, for my son, that he be delivered from these strongholds of addiction. United in prayer and using what He gave us, we can crush those demon spirits! Amen? Amen!

5 thoughts on “Guest Post / Andi Garcia – The Struggle Is Real

  1. Andi, my prayers are with you and your son. Is your email public? May I send you a copy of one of my books, TWO FULL PLATES ~ Learning to be a Caregiver, to share with you how the Lord has brought me through to say, “Why not me?” In this wilderness He is here to prove His divine power over the strongholds.
    His presence and power are with us always. We pray that you experience His deliverance for your son as a witness to others. The Lord bless you as you trust Him in all things. ~ Fran

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