Sunny day at the lake

Even on a cold day you can find the warmth of the Love God has for us.


With the up and down weather we have been having here in Bridgeport Texas, when I saw the sun in the sky I took a drive to the lake. Yes it is still cold but it was still good to go outside and enjoy God’s creation.


All bundles up

It is a little cold out here.

Frozen beauty

The water is not too cold!

Don’t just stand on the shore and watch others enjoy life


get out there and live your life.


Feel the warmth of the love of Jesus


He is the Light the guides you through this world


His light shines favorably upon you.

He leads you besides still waters.

He calms the storms inside of you and gives you peace.

I a thankful for this beautiful day that He blessed me with and that I was able to enjoy a day surrounded by His glory.


Photography by Julie…

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