LittleBird...... Helping Abuse Victims Fly Through The Chaos

It occurs to me that I have not yet clearly defined the 6 types of abuse we most commonly run across. I’d like to take the opportunity to use this post to delve a little deeper into defining what the 6 main types of abuses are.

First of all, abuse of any kind is intended to create a control and power imbalance in your personal relationship. Abuse creates an environment of mistrust, tension, violence and chaos. We hear all the time about physical abuse. In fact, I stayed in my marriage for years because he never hit me. I didn’t realize, neither did my parents, that abuse almost always begins with verbal and emotional abuse. These abuses are intended to break the victim down. They are meant to scramble the brain and create brain fog. In the end, abuse is intended to hurt you, keep power over you and make it impossible for…

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