Scars to Beauty Marks

A reminder that are past no matter how ugly can turn into something beautiful.


From Scars to Beauty Marks

As I look at the scars on my body I realize things are not always what they look like. Yes the scars are real, from the burn scar on my wrist which originally was done to my hand as a child to the other scars both seen and unseen. To the world they look ugly and even to me for most of my life. It was only recently that I can look at these scars and see them as beauty marks. Why beauty marks? Well, because what caused these scars were painful events in my life. Yet they are what make me the woman I am today.

I was recently looking down at my arm examining the scars, the burn mark which is now on my wrist, the one left from a knife, and the missing knuckle above my pinky finger. The burn scar was…

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