Pain Part 6 When will the pain end?

Pain is something everyone feels at one time or another. How do you deal with your pain?


When will the pain end?

Every day can bring a new pain. Then there is the chronic pain that too many suffer with due to illness.  There is emotional pain from past hurts that were never healed due to neglect, denial, or a list of other reasons. Those who suffer from pain on a daily basis would like the pain to end. Pain makes you weary. Nobody likes pain! It drains you physically and emotionally. Pain can make you want to give up. I know I have had this kind of pain both physically and emotionally and begged God to let my life on this earth come to an end. He said, ‘NO!’ So here I am still hanging on and pushing forward. He is not going to give up on me so I must trust in Him even when it hurts and I have no long I must endure…

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