To Judge or “Judge Not”

Mitch Teemley

Judge with gavel

Part One of Two

It was 7:00 p.m. on a Halloween night. Amidst a flurry 6 year old Frozen princesses and 13 year old Walking Dead, our perpetually late letter carrier showed up. My first thought was to drop a candy bar in his bag and say, “Well, don’t you just look like a real mailman in your in little costume!”

But I didn’t. I bit my tongue. Because one of the most disturbing things I’ve experienced in life is the judgment of others, so God forbid I should do it myself. But I was tempted, oh, was I tempted. Why? Because we’re wired to make judgments. We do it every day. We judge whether to go to the market or wait till the rain lets up. Whether to open our front door to the guy in the Metallica t-shirt who says he’s “from the gas company.”

And yet, how many…

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