What I’ve learned about cutters


Cutting and what you need to know.

Things I’ve learned from the crisis center and personal experience about cutting. The types of cutters. Commonalities between the types of cutters. Ideas on things you can do to help your type of cutter. All of these are my personal observations and feelings based upon my experience trying to help others. Take them for what they are and not as some kind of expert.

There are three reasons people cut.
1) Suicide – These cutters don’t have an addiction they see a way out.
2) Control – These cutters use cutting as a way to control or feel. Often victims of violent and terrible crimes.
3) Depression – These cutters use cutting because they think they deserve the pain.

The suicidal cutter.

People hear these statistics about the wrist or thigh and how quickly they would bleed out. They become mislead believing in…

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