A Necessary Pain

Dull, aching, sharp, throbbing, we all have experienced varying levels of agony. There are times when the unbearable sensation of the pain attempts to drain us of our praise. The pain could originate from a strenuous marriage, financial constraints, poor heath, or mere weariness.

                   I refuse to allow my pain to disrupt my praise.praise-1154566__340

I will give God the glory. Often the strength of the opposition reinforces my focus on Jesus, yet there other seasons when the pressure shuts my mouth. Who gets the glory when I shut down? Who benefits when I am silent? The adversary. He wants the praise, and if he is unable to get it from us, he will attempt to steal God’s praise.

Patiently, with God’s permission, Satan uses increasingly difficult feelings and circumstances to see what will shut us up. Physical pain may become so intolerable that we dare not…

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