Rant! Feminists, Protests and Jesus!

So you are a feminist. Can you tell me what is feminine about you?  I am a woman and proud to be one but I do not have to be loud or vulgar to prove that. I do not have to tear down a man to make myself feel better about myself either. I definitely do not have to wear profane costumes to show that I am a woman. I get respect because I respect others. Being disrespectful to anyone for any reason and then demanding respect gets you nowhere. You think you are better because you protest just about everything and think you are equal with people like Martin Luther King Jr.?  Do you think you are Joan of Arc? How many of you think you can endure what she did? Maybe you think you are Rosa parks and that your protests are in the same level as she did as she peacefully sat in a seat at the bus only saying she did not see why she had to move. For this she was arrested. Did she use vulgarity or flaunt parts of her body or did her quiet actions speak louder than you could ever yell? She is remembered with dignity what will you be remembered with?

Here are a couple of posts that I have read about taking a stand and about these current protests that have been going on in the world today.



Today women say they want equality when they seem to be lowering themselves more and more with each passing day. Women who do not need a man to degrade them because they are doing the job just fine by themselves. Women who are angry because the tax dollars will no longer be paying for your right to kill an unborn child. Then if a woman stays home to raise her children you put her down saying she has no influence or power. I will tell you that it takes a strong woman to leave the work force to raise a child especially in this day and time. Women who struggle to raise her children to be respectable and caring people. These are the children who will grow up to be productive, compassionate and giving adults, even though they live in a selfish world.

The world has become populated with overgrown children throwing destructive temper tantrums.  Women are not alone in this all the other protesters who have rioted and looted based on racial prejudice. Well our new President has members on his staff that are both men and women and have different racial backgrounds, but you dismiss them because they do not fit in the little peg holes that fit you so called violated rights.  Blaming everyone else for the condition of this world and taking no real responsibility for your own actions.  What is heart breaking is these protests say they want peace, love and equality but are spewing out words of hate and division.

Jesus died to pay the price for the sin of every man, woman or child regardless of their race or background. He gave His life even when rejected by those He loves, yet you protesters say that God is vengeful and demanding and you want nothing to do with Him. Yet even while you are doing all of this protesting, using vulgarity and hate, He still loves you. He waits patiently for you and wants so much for you to receive His love. Jesus did not demand His rights as He hung on a cross after being beaten and mocked. Instead He said, ‘Father forgive them, they know not what they do.’

True equality will only be found In Jesus Christ for in God’s eyes we are neither male or female and He does about discriminate because of the color of your skin. He created us all and loves us all equally.

Okay my rant is done for the day.

a link to a biography for Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr and Joan of Arc




38 thoughts on “Rant! Feminists, Protests and Jesus!

  1. “Today women say they want equality when they seem to be lowering themselves more and more with each passing day. Women who do not need a man to degrade them because they are doing the job just fine by themselves.”

    This. From the topless protests to the vagina heads…degrading yourself is really not the way to ask for dignity and respect.

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      1. Well, I think you did a fantastic job and what you said is very truthful. The thing is that there are some women who don’t want to submit to God’s Word because to want to usurp men’s position is to go against God’s order. Men and women are the same in God’s eyes but both have different roles. The woman is there to support the man and the man is to give of himself to his wife and respect. Both work together as a team.

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      2. Amen! Have you ever seen the movie ‘A Man Called Peter’? It is about Peter Marshall who at one time was a U.S. chaplain in the beginning of the movie the woman who would become his wife Catherine spoke at a youth rally and she gives an excellent speech about what it really means to be a woman and how these women have stepped down from the place God had put them.

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  2. Your words are amazing and thanks for linking to mine. To be feminine seems to be an ugly word to feminists. So much of what they’re complaining about has been brought on them by themselves. Keep on ranting.

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  3. Most excellent words! You spoke from your heart and your heart spoke well, very well. I would rate this right up there with Solomon’s closing thoughts in Ecclesiastes 12:11 “The words of the wise are like goads, their collected sayings like firmly embedded nails—given by one shepherd.” These nails of yours are firmly embedded.

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  4. Well said, Julie! I have had to “unfriend” family due to their part in the “feminist march” and their comments afterwards. Your words speak truth. Temper tantrums should be left to children, not these “women”. Nicely put, my friend! ❤

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  5. Good commentary; just an observation –
    On judgment day, when we all will have to give an account for our actions while in these corrupt bodies, we go as the man or woman that was born. (He does recognize gender) As far as race goes it wouldn’t matter if you were chartreuse; there is no distinction because of color, and the bigoted tares will be burned.

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  6. Amen! I’m with you. It’s unreal these protesters get any publicity….but then this is a world where they’ve done their best to remove God and prayer from our lives. But we know Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever!

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    1. Amen! Debbie you are right in your view on how they get so much publicity but when reality shows are popular and are nothing but promotions to poor and vulgar behavior what can we expect. Those of us who call upon the name of Jesus need to stay true to Him and be a witness of the Light in a darkened world. God bless you.

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  7. I agree with you Julie, what you shared was powerful and full of Truth but there is another area where Woman are disobeying God (see link below) this is being accepted even in the Churches today. God created us different from Men and His role for us is different too but we do not have to accept abuse verbalized or physical, nor Male Chauvinism including forced Woman segregation.

    All God’s guidelines are for our good and if He says something I believe it and that settles it but even if I didn’t believe it, it would still be settled because God said it!

    Woman are Precious to God- https://freedomborn.wordpress.com/2015/06/23/woman-are-precious-to-god/

    Christian Love Always – Anne.

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  8. Thanks for linking to my post. Your words on this subject speak so much more than some of these women. They need to put aside their pettiness and start accepting who they are / women. Not such a bad thing to be.

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