Kay Warren Choose Joy Day 20

Building joy, build people up and do not tear them down.

Romans 2:1

God’s Righteous Judgment

 Therefore you are inexcusable, O man, whoever you are who judge, for in whatever you judge another you condemn yourself; for you who judge practice the same things.


7 thoughts on “Kay Warren Choose Joy Day 20

  1. i just have a question here! do we start pleasing GOD or people..what if what pleases GOD doesn’t bring joy to these people? what if they are doing so gruesome acts being a Christian that is dragging them to hell…do we show them mistake or do we keep quiet…even suggestions are taken as criticism and judgement..how can we help this kind of people who take suggestion and advice as criticism and judgments..

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  2. Pleasing God for God asks us to love our enemies and bless those who curse us and if ones acts is gruesome then it is not of God but out of their flesh and of religion not of Christ the problem here is there are too many who use His name for their own selfish purpose only to harm others and I pray not to be one of them on judgment day for it is written you shall not use God’s name in vain meaning for ones own purpose with disregard to His name for God so loved the world He gave His only Son so that we may be forgiven and have life. Hate is from man love is from God. God’s thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways are not ours. Man has been hurting man since Cain and Abel. Houses have been divided and hate grows like weeds that overcome a garden. Even Job faced the criticism from his friends as he laid suffering after loosing his children, wealth and finally his health, yet when it was time for them to face judgment from God Job interceded and had them spared.It is impossible to please man but we can please God by loving not as man love which is conditional but loving a God who loved us while we were yet sinners. You asked if pleasing God does not bring these people joy I can only answer for myself, I have had the joy of the Lord fill me when everything that I loved was lost and my life was destroyed by false accusations of man and this was after I refused to deny Jesus to my own family they turned against me and I lost everything and even faced jail and court. The pain this caused me has left its wounds but still I will not deny Jesus.
    I pray you find true joy and peace that surpasses all mans understanding. God bless you on your journey through this life.


  3. I understand..but do we stop suggesting, advising and guiding? just because it hurts them!!! is not correct judgement valid way for joy and happiness…my only grave concern is misunderstanding leads to sadness as well…i have seen suggestion, advise and guidance taken as criticism and judgement. What if somebody comes and slaps a young girls and I just stand there saying and doing nothing to the culprit because ultimately I am the one who has to stop the nonsense which might hurt the culprit?? I was thinking about judgement all night even before i heard this video???? Jesus is saying don’t judge wrongly. If you can judge in a correct way, you are welcome by Jesus. The only thing is that you should not be accused of same weakness…if i don’t know how to judge between right and wrong from GOD’s perspective what’s the meaning of my existence? Jesus is saying don’t judge like the world does for example saying that man can have sex with man and woman can have sex with woman is absolutely all right!!! Do i just keep quiet about these sort of nonsense…GOD has also asked of us to maintain his justice..how is it possible without some GODly judgement and I am not taking manly judgement..Lord showed me that we should judge in a way we will not be judged..GOD is simply saying make right judgement with GOD’s perspective..that’s it…they say “Only GOD can judge me” that’s 100% true and it simply means being judged by GOD’s perspective which they don’t understand. Judging outside GOD’s perspective is what brings Judgment on us.. I have posed a same question Kay Warren as well in her videos.

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    1. I do not think we are to remain quiet and not speak up when we see others causing harm to others or even to themselves. You are right there is a lot of nonsense going on in the world around us God gave us a voice to use and we should use it. I love your insight and I hope it causes us all to think about what we say and how we say it. God bless you.

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  4. Actually Kay Warren is right no doubt but people take this judgement thing to make excuses to defend themselves which actually came out of self interest, lack of understanding and knowledge on God’s Judgement, Godly judgement is important here!!! But they simple don’t understand…on the other hand there is other group who are judgmental in wrong way based on their opinions and traditions of man…and this is where everything gets worst….

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    1. You are right the judgment thing goes wrong in both directions there is a right and wrong way ind dealing with judgment. There is even Biblical protocol as some might call it in how to handle dealing with someone who is acting in a way that is harmful. Yet judgment is not what she is teaching on in these devotionals they are focused on joy because these teachings are for not only those dealing with depression but those who love someone with depression and how to better understand them so that they know better how to be of help. A person dealing with depression or anxiety will not respond in a positive manner to someone telling them they a wrong especially if they being told how they feel is wrong. You don’t take someone who is ill and make them run a marathon. First you get them healthy, then they may be trained so later they can run.

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