Broken and Torn

I am so thankful that God has taken my broken mess and is transforming me daily into a vessel of beauty to be used to glorify Him.


Broken and torn
Never again to be worn
Black and blue
is not my best hue
Trust is broken
Empty words spoken
No cure
No longer pure
Damaged beyond repair
there is no hope here
No one can help
what is done is done
My life is gone
heart pumps
blood flows cold
never to grow old
broken and torn
Never again to be worn

© By sheppaja On 6/9/2009 3:37:09 PM

I had written this poem a while back while I was still dealing with the aftermath of an abusive marriage. The view I had of myself only mirrored how I had been treated. From childhood into becoming an adult I had been abused. I kept finding myself in bad relationships, only two had actually been physically abusive but the others still did their damage. I didn’t realize it at that time that I had for…

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