September 21, 2015

Men have been abused and abandoned too it just isn’t talked about.


I did not know what to title this so it just gets a date.

A recent prayer request had me searching the internet for scriptures and prayers for husbands whose wife had left them. To my amazement I did not find one page that met what I was looking for. There were pages on wives whose husbands had left them for another woman. There were prayers for children of divorce. Yet I could not find a prayer page or scripture page for husbands who were left behind. Why is it that the world acknowledges husbands leaving but the husband who has been left is being neglected?

Unfortunately women and children are not the only ones who are abused and neglected. Men who are abused go unreported every day. Women leave their husbands and children. Yet there is no support for these men.

I have known men who have ben abused…

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