I am sorry (fill in the blank) Just a thought.

I am sorry if what I write or share you do not agree with. I am am sorry you feel that I am insecure because I am willing to share thoughts and opinions of others  even the ones I do not agree with. I am sorry that you think that I am wrong in doing this or for having an opinion that differs from you. I am sorry for not fitting in the mold you tried to squeeze me into. If I share anything it is not to make you believe as I do, but to share my thoughts and the thoughts of others. In all honesty the only One who knows everything is the One who created both you and myself. He is the only One, and He is the Only True God. This God, my Abba Father gave me a gift of free will, just as He gave the same gift to you. Yet who is the one trying to force their way of thinking upon others. Some of you will criticize me for speaking my mind and that is okay. Yet do not think that if I do not respond to your criticism or insults I am agreeing with you. I may respond once and at most twice to acknowledge your point of view, but if I feel antagonized or that no matter what I have to say all you are wanting to do is fight because I still do not agree with you, then expect me not to respond. You can say or write what ever you chose and that is completely up to you. We justify our actions and words every day and even use scripture to our own advantage. Taking a bit of truth and conforming it to be used not to edify or encourage but to tear each other down.

I have not perfected walking away from a fight or not having a need to argue. I am however making an effort to learn not to give in each time. Unfortunately with this post I am probably failing in doing this because even as I write this I know there will be some who are in disagreement and probably actually stopped reading what I have written before I finished and have started with their arguments against me. So why bother? To be honest I am really not sure. These are just the thoughts and words that have poured out of me this night.

There are many wonderful and brilliant writers on this site who come from various backgrounds from around the world. Even if they do not agree with others they inspire me in how they encourage others and how they love perfect strangers with kind and compassionate words.

God is my judge, Jesus is my advocate, Holy Spirit is my comforter and help, and Satan is my accuser. I am guilty of sin, forgiven by the grace and love of God and redeemed by the blood of the Lamb. I am adopted into His royal priesthood not to brag about the authority given to me but to boast of His love.

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