Righteous anger or just plain anger?

How do you know if your anger is righteous or if you are just plain angry? I know of many who will justify not only their anger but what is done in anger, and some that will even use scripture to give just cause. Yet is this right?

Along with fighting depression I have a major battle with anger. I have been told I am right to be angry for the things that have been done to me. That they understand why I have reacted in anger and that it was okay because I was hurt. Something inside of me says this is wrong. There is no excuse that I can give for any outburst of anger that I have had. No matter how minimal the damage I may have done when I have been angry I have still caused damage. Even if it was just my words and that I shot off my mouth, Wrong is wrong. Almost everything I have ever broken when I have been angry has belonged to me, It dos not matter if I threw an object and it shattered or I tore up clothes or burnt pictures. The damage cannot be undone. This damage is not as bad as the words that have come out of my mouth, and the cursing that I have done. Even the hateful thoughts are wrong. For it starts as a thought, then comes out in either physical actions or words and both can do irreversible damage.

They say to be careful with a cornered animal because you do not know how it will react or how bad it can hurt you. I used to be that cornered animal, and all the pain that was inflicted upon me to make me cower in fear. To control and manipulate me would eventually back me into a corner where I felt the only way to survive was to fight back with all that was left within me. The saying dynamite comes in small packages was one I used quite a bit yet I out my own spin on it. I would say, ‘Dynamite comes in small packages but nitro comes in smaller and has a bigger bang. Call me Nitro.’ That was when I was proud to be angry. I had every reason to be yet the person who I hurt the most was myself.

I thank God that I am not that woman any more. Yet I still fight the anger that sometimes still boils to a rage inside of me. The difference now is that I know it is wrong and I can acknowledge that the words or even the thoughts I have when I get angry like this are wrong. One saying I can agree with today is, ‘Two wrongs do not make a right.’

So how do I know my anger is not righteous? For one reason is because a hatred begins to burn inside. Then condemning and hate filled thoughts fill my mind. No one even has to be around, just a thought of something that upsets me pops into my head and a fuse gets lit and the anger begins. Thankfully this is not an everyday occurrence but when my body’s pain level rises I have noticed my level of agitation lowers and I become more irritable. Why share any of this with anyone? I learned a while back that by putting things out into the light exposes the darkness hidden within me. Then the darkness has to flee. Scripture tells us to take every thought captive. I believe this is good because not every thought that passes through our minds are good. We are to rid ourselves of the damaging thoughts and keep the ones that keep us focused on Jesus Christ. I would like to say that the war on my anger has been won, but I still have my battles. There are battles I have won and there are battles in which I lost. I thankfully get a reprieve from these battles but then the war rages on and the fight begins again. The thing I am learning is that I do not fight anger with anger and I definitely do not fight it with hate. I start with myself and acknowledge any wrong on my part and then repent and ask God for His mercy and to help change me into a more loving person, that can be loving and merciful to those who seek to do me harm. Learning that these people are just being used as weapons and that the real enemy is not human, and is nor the terrible and painful events in ones life. The really enemy will wear any disguise that will help him do the most damage. He will twist your hurt and pain and try to make you his puppet. Something I have learned is that he only has the power over me that I give him. Will I still feel pain? Yes, I will. Can this body die? Yes it will. James told us to count it all joy when we face various trials and tribulations. How can we do this?We turn to God. We believe Jesus. We allow His Holy Spirit to help and comfort us. We cry out to God. We tell Him how we are feeling and we pour out our tears at His feet.

I have not yet reached the goal but I get up each day and press forward. There are days I lay down weakened by my body, my mind and this life. Then the nest day comes and it is back on my feet, even if I do not feel like it. Of course that is when I think God has a cattle prod and gives me a loving jab. Yet I know those jabs are because He loves me and He does not want me to fall to the wayside. So I do no fight like I used to. I am learning that not only do I need to turn my cheek but as much as it pains me to offer up the other one. The battle is the Lord’s, I need to just trust in Him.

11 thoughts on “Righteous anger or just plain anger?

  1. What a wonderful post, and so open and honest. I appreciate the process you have gone through to gain victory!! I know my battle is not over, either, but to take thoughts captive and know that the battle is the Lord’s I such a relief!! We don’t have to figure it out, just be available to listen!!

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    1. We shall fight this battle together and obtain the victory through the love of Christ Jesus.
      I have learned that one of the first steps to overcoming any battle is honesty. I have to acknowledge and confess my sins and even my weakness because once I have done this I am taking power away from the accuser, and God is the One who I can be completely transparent with and not fear condemnation.If only people could be as compassionate and merciful as God is with us all. Prayers and blessings sent your way.

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      1. Thank you for the prayers!! I am working on confessing my sins sooner rather than later. If I forget to praise Him or repent until a couple of hours later, I immediately go before His throne and make it right!!

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  2. Great Post….Ephesians 4:26 says…..“In your anger do not sin”: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry……But you are so right. Even though anger is an emotion, we often give in to that anger and let it get the best of us.

    Again, I like what you say in regard to the battle: We are in a battle and do not realize it. The enemy is so very happy as he goes around manipulating minds. I have learned…and it sounds like you have too, that as hard as it is…do not give into his temptations. Turn in prayer to God and HE WILL fight our battles….

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    1. Thank you for your encouraging words. I see so much anger in the world all around me including in the church yet all I hear is excuses. I know I cannot change others but I have to look inside of me and deal with my own demons to rid them from my life. I can no longer justify or give excuse but take it all to God and lay it all out for Him to exam because God already knows what is in my heart and in my mind He is just waiting for me to give it all to Him and by doing so I make room for the better things He has for me. God bless you.

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      1. Amen Julie…….and all the anger we see is the enemy very hard at work….Yes, even in the church. You would think that church members would know better, but I guess I have to keep reminding myself that, the closer we get to God, the more Satan comes after us. So as church members we have to really remember that, and keep hanging ever so tightly on to God, believing that He will never forsake us. May God also bless you, and keep you held tightly in His loving arms.

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  3. Amen! Really well said. I too used to wrestle with anger and people would say, “you have a right to be angry,” but I knew something was all wrong there. Sometimes anger is quite appropriate, but sometimes it masks other things, fear, hurt, shame, whatever. Anger is almost perceived as an acceptable emotion,whereas what often lurks beneath the anger, not so much.

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  4. Getting mad at sin, sickness…getting mad for people going to hell and angry over things not happening according to GOD’s will..is somehow related GOD’s anger other than that it is harmful anger erupted from our selfish desires

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