Bible in Pidgin Matthew 12:33-37

One Tree an Da Fruit

33 “You gotta figga lidis: Wen da tree good, den da fruit good. Wen da tree junk, den da fruit junk. Cuz da fruit goin show if da tree stay good o junk. 34 You guys jalike one snake ohana! You guys no good. How you guys goin talk good wen you guys not? Wateva stay inside you guys, goin come outa you guys mout. 35 Da good guy, he good inside, an he do good kine stuff. Da bad guy, he bad inside, an he do bad kine stuff. 36 I tell you guys strait, da day every guy stand in front God da Judge, he gotta tell how come he wen say all da no good stuff he wen say. 37 Cuz from wat you say, da Judge goin let you go, o he goin punish you.”

Love reading the scripture in a language that I have not heard since I was a young child. Brings back good memories.


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