Fighting Alzheimer’s Disease

See, there's this thing called biology...

Check out Jack Across the Land, over at Fighting Alzheimer’s. He has tons of resources, real life stories, a fabulous testimony of his own, and some support for caregivers. I have worked with many people who had Alzheimer’s and it really is a devastating disease, not well understood, not well addressed. Some people still view it as a symptom of getting older and confuse it with some slight memory loss that can occur with aging. It is not the same thing.

It’s rare, but sometimes it strikes younger people. I had a guy once, Indiana Jones, who was a real life treasure hunter. He broke my heart, first because he would read me love letters he had written to his wife who had passed away, but also because his disease progressed very quickly. He told fabulous tales of his adventures and showed me photos and videos from all…

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