QUESTION; Was there any protests when Obama was first elected or any other President?

There is so much division in this country I call my home. Pro-Trump verse anti-Trump. Marches in protest all across the country and even families and people who were once friends are divided. I have never known a President to be elected by a 100% unanimous vote. We start off with many candidates who run for the office and then it usually gets whittled down to just two in the last stretch of the election. One wins the other one looses. Not everyone is happy. Yet we are called the United States, that even though we are different and have different opinions as a nation we once stood together. We do not need a foreign enemy to do us harm any more because we are harming each other every day with hatred and fighting.

So I have a couple of questions;

Since Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War has there been protests and division like there is today?

Was there any other President who was immediately protested and marched against after winning an election for their first term? (Yes I know there were protests when Obama was re-elected but I am talking about first term before they had even been in office for more than a few months)

I know I probably stirred up a hornets nest but the question has been on my mind for a few weeks and I googled protests against Presidents and only came up with Trump and then Obama during his second term and not his first.


4 thoughts on “QUESTION; Was there any protests when Obama was first elected or any other President?

  1. We are in a very special time in the life of this country. No one can know what God is doing, or not doing behind the scenes, but He is definitely showing us what this world is truly like. It is during these times that He proves whose are His,and purges His church to bring about repentance and new life. Yes, this is the time that He will bring His people to pray fervently before we see a change. We need to prepare for a spiritual warfare and persecution in this country that we have never seen before. The next generation will be overcome unless they are aware and prepare for the chaos. We must train our children. Thank you for your post. Blessings.

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