The Last supper, part 1


Luke 22:7-23

Luke’s account of the Last Supper is interesting for its brevity. In such a brief account, two main themes seem to emerge; in this first part, the main theme is His sacrifice, in the balance of the narrative, it is their trails and roles in the Kingdom.

Luke begins with a brief account of the arrangements for the Passover meal (22:7-13) and then the hour came for them to sit down together. Notice that Luke refers to them as “apostles” for the first time in 22:14 as they sit down at the table; it was only a few verses earlier (22:11) that they were still called “disciples”.

Jesus opens with an interesting personal observation:

“I have eagerly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer. For I tell you, I will not eat it again until it finds fulfillment in the kingdom of God.” (22:15-16)


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