I’m adorable (someone else says)

I want to thank J David Peaver for nominating me for the Liebster award. I am suprised and honored by his nomination for I have truly enjoyed his blogs.

Rules: I’m required to Thank the nominator (done), answer the Questions (trying to come up with deep answers or at least avoid embarrassing myself), and Nominate others

The Questions

If you could be any animal on earth, what would it be and why?

A cat. They sleep anywhere they want. They are sociable when they want to be and can live with out you, all depending on their mood. They are agile and can climb almost anything. oh and they like fish!

If you had to write the soundtrack of your life, what would be the first three songs?

Reba McEntire – I’m A Survivor

Cher- You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me

“Waging War” By CeCe Winans

If your death was imminent, what would you choose as your last meal?

Sushi,  it is my favorite!

What movie that has not yet been made would you pay good money to see?

This Present Darkness  -     By: Frank E. Peretti

Frank Peretti’s This Present Darkness, and Piercing The Darkness. This authors description of the spiritual battle being fought and the way he describes the angels in his book. I can The Rock, and John Cena being cast as a couple of the angels in these books.

What was your favorite age to be and why?

I have yet to pick a favorite age because all of my life has had both good and bad moments but together they make who I am today.

What is the one book that has most inspired your writing and/or life?

The Bible! When I was going through actual trials The Word of God and what was written about those who went through trials of their own inspired me to hold on and trust God even when everything went wrong.

If you could live anywhere you please, without that pesky restraint called money, where would it be and why?

Okinawa because it is where my mothers family came from and I would love to soak up it’s history.

My Nominees

Vincent S Artale Jr  / Talmidimblogging

Beholding Him Ministries

Wally Fry/truthinpalmyra.wordpress.com

joyroses13 / Nuggets of Gold

SLIMJIM / veritasdomain.wordpress.com

roberthansen1317  My God, My Music, My Life

Victors’ Corner


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