October 29, 2017 Rambling thoughts

Back in July I had to move from an apartment in which I had lived for nine years into a smaller apartment. I was not happy about the move since it was not my choice, I was also no happy that the move was in the middle of summer. I also did not like that even though I was being moved into a smaller apartment my rent was raised. I had to seriously down size. Now here it is the end of October and I am still trying to find place to put my belongings and still having repairs made to my new apartment. I have also had the fourth change in clients since May, which took at least two weeks each change to be assigned new clients, which meant that I did not get paid for the time of transition. Change is inevitable but it is something we all most deal with. We may not like the changes that are happening in our lives but I have to accept that there are things which I cannot control, but I can find things to be grateful for.

I am grateful for the friends who came and helped me move. I am thankful to have a place to live. I am thankful to my God who is with me through it all. I am thankful that He is merciful when my frustrations over my circumstances get the best of me. I am thankful for those who love me and care for me. I am thankful for a gracious and forgiving Savior who loves me as I am, and for His transforming love. I am grateful that He has helped me become a new person, that I may not be perfect but I am not the person who I used to be and that His love continues to mold me into a new creation.

Life is not perfect, but I am loved perfectly by the One who created me.

9 thoughts on “October 29, 2017 Rambling thoughts

  1. Amen! That’s the spirit. Gratitude can be hard when circumstances get challenging. The thing is, we can make a hard situation even harder by forgetting to focus on how loved we truly are. Might as well try to be as cheerful as possible, grateful for everything,and in a state of just receiving His infinite love for us. I’m a grouch and a bit cynical sometimes, so I have to spend a great deal of time remembering this. 🙂

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  2. Sister,
    I just prayed for you and your circumstance; I think you are having the right perspective of realizing life’s not perfect yet there is a perfect God. Praying for you sister.

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