Winter Blues

Helping to remember that this is a season that is not always filled with joy.


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I am not going to be discussing colors, even though blue is in the title of this writing. Winter Blues, SAD(seasonal affective disorder) is something too many people suffer from, and for those of us who deal with depression on a regular basis this time of year is or can be more difficult to deal with. Most people do not recognize this is happening to someone they know for multiple reasons. The person who deals with depression or Winter Blues may be very good at wearing a mask and concealing what is going on inside, end even when asked they simply answer ‘I am fine, or I am okay’ even when they know they are not. They either do not want to burden another with their problems or they do not want to come across as weak or less of a person. This list goes on as well…

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3 thoughts on “Winter Blues

  1. I think that part of the problem with seasonal blues is the hype made over Christmas, which is not about the birth of Christ anyway (he was probably born in the spring). The build up begins in October– if not earlier– with all the trappings (trap) of Christmas (consumerism). Even Thanksgiving is smothered to an extent by Christmas. If you’re on the outside looking in, it might appear that Christmas is about family and you feel left out. But, in my opinion, Christmas is not about family either. Who benefits from Christmas the most: retailers. (Sorry to rant.)

    I’m very familiar with clinical depression, but I don’t know what the current theories are about the cause of it. I used to hear “chemical imbalance,” and it certainly felt that way when I was going through in the late 1970s.
    Walking and exercise help to relieve the anxiety that often accompany depression.

    May God continue to comfort and strengthen you with His Word, give you dreams and visions, and dispel the sadness with His wonderful Son-light.


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  2. My wife suffer from seasonal depression. It used to catch me off guard but I’m getting better at identifying it.
    It saddens me to watch her go through it. I’ve learned to just be there for her and not to throw my will on her.

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    1. I am praying for you both. What triggers this is different for each person but even when it feels like it will overwhelm me I remember no matter how I feel that Jesus loves me and that the Holy Spirit is my comforter. The fact that the holy Spirit is called both The Helper and The Comforter tells me God knew we would be in need of both, God bless you both with His peace and comfort

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