Deep Cleaning: Dealing With Limiting Beliefs

Overcoming The Times

Many times, a dental appointment will begin with the dental assistants taking a series of x-rays of a patient’s mouth. These pictures enable the dentist and their team to identify issues with our teeth, that may be occurring below the gum line. If issues are identified the dentist will want to do what is called a “deep cleaning” below the gum line.

In life, all of our life choices are shaped by our belief system. The two most impactful beliefs in an individual’s life are their belief or nonbelief in a divine Creator, and what occurs after this mortal life ends.

For we who have placed our trust in the finished work of Christ at the cross and His resurrection, our beliefs are shaped by the Bible; Where we learn of; God’s creation of the universe, mankind’s fall into sin, the consequences of our sinful ways, mankind’s inability to attain…

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