Right Relations / Outline

This is a new way I am tackling a writing project. I usually want to edit and polish a finished work before I share what I am writing. So here I am sharing my process and how i am being inspired. I have so much work to do. This subject can take me in so many different directions it is going to be fun staying on track. Considering the break from writing that I had taken it feels like I am being flooded with new ideas and thoughts and they just keep pouring out onto this screen. Well my next addition to ‘Right Relations’ is a rough draft of an outline. I hope it gives you an idea of the direction I am being lead.

Right Relations

Introduction / we relate to people every day. There are the people we relate to on a personal level. Others through daily activities, such as work, shopping, dining and ways we find entertainment, to name a few.


Define relations/relationships –List of relationships
How do we relate to one another?
Communication-Key to building relationships
Relationship status
Family relations / Relationships Restored / Cain and Abel (when those closest to you seek to take your life)

How does our earthly relationships effect our relationship with Jesus and how we view God?
What impact does our faith make in our relationships?
You have to work at making a relationship work/A work in progress
Healthy relationships
Intimate relationships /difference between intimate and sexual
Codependent relations
Damaged and broken relationships
Abusive relationships – not all abusive relationship are physical, and some are not even intimate.
Healing relations
Restored and reconciled
Testimonies on relationships that have been healed and restored
The most important relationship
How do Christians change how we relate with each other and with the world? Can we change and make a difference?

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