Right Relations / The Relationship List

Well I am at work on my ‘Right Relations’ project. So I have compiled a list of some of the different types of relationships we all have. Please feel free to add to the list ones that I did not mention and tell me are these good or bad relations.

Relationship list
1. Immediate family – Parent/child – mother child – father /child father/son – father/daughter – mother/son –mother daughter – brothers/sisters – Grandparents – grandmother/grandfather – aunts/uncles – cousins etc…

2. Faith based relationships-Church/Ministry Relationships Preachers, pastors, ministers, teachers, nursery workers, prayer partners, other church members, visitors etc…
3. Community –  Babysitters, neighbors, teachers, coach, business owners/employers, managers, supervisors, coworkers, doctors, nurses, police, firefighters, cashiers, waiters/waitress, store clerks, etc…
Wrong Relationships
Abusive, controlling, codependent, neglected, etc…
This is not a complete list, but it gives us something to think about. Even if you are single, live alone and have no living relatives, you still have relationships. Some are personal and intimate. Then there are the casual acquaintance and even the strangers you may meet only once but you interacted even if you never spoke a word, and then we have business relationships. I hope your relationship with those you go to church with falls into the personal relationship list.
Now think about what impact has your walk with Christ made on any of these relationships? Is Jesus a part of how you relate to all who are listed here? Can you add to this list?

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