Right Relations / From Family Relationships to a Relationship with God

As you see I am continuing my work on ‘Right Relations’. This is not an easy journey that I am on, but it is one that I must take if I want a better relationship with Christ. This work is far from perfect and it is very rough and it is still hard for me to believe that I am sharing this before it is finished but as I have previously mentioned I feel led to share my progress. So please don’t judge me too harshly but I do appreciate any comments you have to share. So here is my next installment.

From Family Relations to A relationship with God

   Your first relationship began the day you were conceived. As God formed you in your mother’s womb, you were nourished, protected, could hear her voice and her heartbeat. You felt what she felt and she felt you growing and moving around inside of her. Some of us could not wait to get out of that womb and burst out on the scene a little early and others wanted to stay in the warm safe place we knew. The rest of us came in about the time we were due to make our exit and enter the world. Now the first face we saw was the doctor or whoever delivered us, but we were quickly placed into her welcoming arms. Then for those who had a father he would be the next to hold you.

So our first relationships we have were not by our choice we were born into this relationship of child and parent, There is one other relationship you have had since your beginning and it has been one with our Heavenly Father. We may not have known His name when we were born but He has been with you before you were conceived in your mother’s womb, and He is the One who has loved you like no other on earth. However as we grow from infancy into adult, we do not always know of Him. There are many different reasons this happens. Some are raised in homes that do not believe, and others may be raised in homes going to church but never know the love of Jesus. Then there are the broken marriages, the single parent who they themselves do not have a relationship with Christ. This list goes on and on.

Whatever type of family you grew up in does affect how you relate to God. Since He is our Heavenly Father, He is a parent. How our relationship with our earthly parents does have an initial impact on how we relate to Him. For those who were raised in good homes with parents who love God, you grew up with a healthy relationship and had a good foundation for your relationship with Him. Some had a good upbringing with little to no hardship, but God was not part of your life as you were raised and He was just a name you heard but knew nothing truly about. You may have even gone to church on Easter and Christmas. You did things as a family but He was never invited to join you. Then the rest of us who were raised in abusive or neglected we have a different history.

So what was your childhood like? Did you have a stable home with loving parents? I hope you did, but if you are reading this you probably did not. Yet you want a better relationship with God, but you do not know how to or what is keeping you from this. This book will not fix you or your relationships. I am writing this to help you find your way closer to Him. Not because I know it all, because trust me I do not. This is my journey on wanting a deeper and more intimate relationship with Christ. You see He has revealed to me one of the things hindering my relationship with Him is the relationships I have had since I was born. Not only with my parents but with anyone who has been a part of my life. Each relationship affected who I was and He is transforming me into who He wants me to be. This does not mean I am a terrible person, or that I am unworthy of love. It means He wants better for me. He loved me so much that He sent His Son, Jesus to die for me. Just as He has done for you. We are to die for! There are some who have said they would die for you but He actually did it. If we were not worth the price He paid He would not have done it, but that is the value He placed on us. Blood, sweat, tears and finally laying down His life, He paid to redeem us. Telling us He loves us and no matter what we have done we are forgiven. He wants in our lives, and not just when the church doors are open, but to be in our lives every second of everyday. He does not want religion but a relationship with you, and not just for a day, a week, a month, or years but for eternity. Now that is commitment!

Look around and at your own life. How many broken relationships do you see? How many broken homes without any glimpse of love do you see? Yes there are good relationships and loving families, but how many of those do you see? In this world the broken and abusive homes outnumber the strong and loving ones. It is time for that to change. We cannot fix the homes of others until we allow God to fix us. He can only do this if we allow Him in and give Him charge over us. Yes that means we submit our lives to Him. I have to admit that I let Him into my life but I have not completely submitted all of me to Him. I have held back and been unwilling to give up total control of my life to Him. This is not a new revelation to me. It is something I have been struggling with for a while. I knew I need to as some say, ‘Let go, and let God’, but there has been something holding me back, and that something has been me. I recently started saying, ‘Got to get out of God’s way’. This does not mean that the enemy has not been throwing every obstacle he can in my path, but I don’t have to let what the enemy does stop me from what God wants me to do, and that is surrender. So this book is my white flag of surrender as I look at my own life and see what I have allowed to keep me for where He wants me to be, and that is right by His side.

So let’s take a look at my relationship with my parents, and you can look at your relationship with yours.

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