Right Relations / Communication-Key to building relationships

Here is another installment on my project ‘Right Relations’, this is a major work in progress. I wanted to get this down before I lost my thoughts. Please feel free to comment and share your opinions and insights.

Communication-Key to building relationships

   Communicating you would think is something we are all very good at, especially with all the social media that is available to us. Speaking does not mean you are communicating. Sometimes all we are doing is making noise. I might hear what you say but that does not mean I am listening to you. Sometimes people talk not so much to be heard but to get your attention but they are not really saying anything. Communication is a two way street, and it takes at least two people to do this. You speak while the other one listens to what you have to say. Then you need to listen to their response. You are both communicating your needs, your wants, your feelings, and maybe your thoughts and dreams. When we take the time to listen and acknowledge what the other is saying we are letting them know they are important and that you care about them. This does not mean we will agree upon everything discussed in every conversation. You do not have to agree to communicate.
What you need to communicate is trust. You want to be able to speak what you are trying to communicate without fear. If your conversation is on a personal and private subject you want to know this person you are sharing with will not take your conversation and turn what you say against you, or share it with others.
So far we have listening and trusting as two of the components of communication. Can you think of other things you need to communicate?

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